On July 6, 2009 the Space Forces conducted a successful launch of a Rockot space launcher with Briz-KM booster stage, which delivered to orbit three communication satellites. The launch took place at 05:26 MSK (01:26 UTC) from the launch complex No. 133 at Plesetsk. The spacecraft, which were designated Cosmos-2451, Cosmos-2452, and Cosmos-2453, appear to be communication satellites of the Rodnik type.

The satellites, which received NORAD catalog numbers 35498, 35499, and 35500 and international designations 2009-0036A, 2009-036B, and 2009-036C, were deployed in nearly circular orbits with altitude of about 1500 km, inclination of 82.5 degrees, and orbital period of about 116 minutes.

This is the third launch of Rodnik satellites. Previous launches took place in May 2008 and in December 2005. Before the communication system used spacecraft of Strela-3 type. Russia also operates a civilian counterpart of this communication system that includes Gonets-M satellites.

UPDATE 11/10/09: Apparently, the launch involved satellites of old Strela-3 (17F13) and newer Strela-3M (14F132) types. "Rodnik" may be another name of the Strela-3M satellites.