In a report at Alina Chernoivanova (whose information is always very timely and highly reliable) quotes Vladimir Popovkin, the Chief of Armament of the Armed Forces, as saying that the flight tests of the new type of early-warning satellites will not begin until late 2011-early 2012. Presumably these would be satellites of the EKS system - in 2007 Popovkin expected that the first flight might take place in 2009.

Popovkin suggested that the Space Forces will launch two more old-type satellites from the old Soviet stock to keep the constellation operational. At this point it is not entirely clear if these would be satellites on an HEO or geosynchronous orbit (or both). The last launch of an HEO-orbit satellite - Cosmos 2446 - took place in December 2008. The last geostationary satellite - Cosmos-2440 - was launched in June 2008.