On October 1, 2008 the Strategic Rocket Forces conducted a successful launch of a Dnepr space launcher, which delivered THEOS satellite into orbit. The launch took place at 10:37 MSK (06:37 UTC) from the Yasnyy (Dombarovsky) launch site.

The Dnepr launcher is a modified R-36M missile. As I understand, two versions of the launcher exist. Dnepr-1 is based on the R-36MUTTH modification (known as RS-20B in START Treaty) of the missile. Its launches are conducted as part of a program that confirms reliability of the missiles. It normally uses missiles that have been withdrawn from service and moved to storage. Another version is apparently based on the newer R-36M2 (known as RS-20V) - according to some reports it was this missile that was used in today's launch. Other reports, however, say that it was RS-20B.