One of the Project 667BDR submarines, Ryazan, which returned to service last year after an overhaul, conducted a successful launch of a ballistic missile. The missile was launched from a submerged submarine deployed in the Barents Sea. The warhead was reported to reach the Kura test site successfully. Although the Russian Navy was unusually secretive about the type of the missile, it almost certainly was the R-29R. The Navy representative told Interfax that it was a missile that had already been in service and that it was neither Bulava or Sineva.

This is, of course, an old missile, but the Soviet Union produced them in large quantities at the time, so it looks like there are enough of them to arm one or two submarines. There was a report that suggested that Russia resumed large-scale production of SLBMs, but it appears that was a misquote and as far as R-29R missiles are concerned Russia is relying on the old Soviet stock.

UPDATE 08/04/08: According to Roskosmos, the launch took place at 12:52 MSK (08:52 UTC). It is possible that it was not a usual R-29R missile - the launch involved Makeyev Design Bureau representatives.