The Strategic Rocket Forces announced today that they plan to deploy 11 new Topol-M missiles by the end of 2008. The commander of the Rocket Forces General Nikolai Solovtsov was quoted as saying at a press-conference that his service will not only complete the deployment of the fifth missile regiment in Tatishchevo, which was planned before, but will also start deployment of the sixth regiment there. Or maybe it won't.

Earlier plans did not mention the sixth regiment in 2008 and the past deployment patterns - silo-based Topol-Ms are deployed in pairs or in fours - suggest that there will be only two silo-based Topol-Ms in 2008. Completing the fifth regiment will take two missiles, so the remaining nine are most likely to be mobile missiles that will go to Teykovo.

According to Solovtsov, the division in Teykovo will complete deployment of the first mobile Topol-M regiment (this will take three additional missiles) and will begin deployment of the second one - this will take three or six Topol-Ms. My guess it will be six.

If everything goes according to the plan, the Strategic Rocket Forces will bring the number of deployed Topol-M missiles will reach 65 by the end of 2008.