The START Treaty data that reflect the status of the Russian Forces on January 1, 2006 show the that Russia continues to decommission old strategic systems while working on deployment of new ones. As a result of this process Russia currently has a total 771 strategic delivery platforms, which can carry up to 3319 nuclear warheads. [CORRECTION 10/13/06: A better estimate is 777 platforms and 3379 warheads.]

Russia has completed withdrawal of the RT-23UTTH/SS-24 rail-mobile missiles and continued decommissioning of older R-36MUTTH/SS-18 and Topol/SS-25 missiles. The deployment of the new Topol-M missile has slowed down, with only two missiles deployed in 2005. The Rocket Forces, however, are prepared to begin deployment of the mobile version of the missile later this year.

The memorandum data indicate that Russia began decommissioning of at least two of its Project 667BDR/Delta III strategic submarines, which now have less than a full load of missiles.

After conducting two flight test of the new R-30 Bulava missile in 2005, Russia declared that the missile has throwweight of 1150 kg and will carry six warheads.