The Space Forces conducted a successful launch of a military reconnaissance satellite. The launch of a Soyuz-U rocket, which delivered the satellite into orbit, was performed at 13:50 MSK (09:50 UTC) on September 2, 2005 the launch pad No. 6 of the launch complex No. 31 of the Baykonur launch site. According to the Space Forces, the satellite, designated Cosmos-2415, reached orbit at 13:58 MSK.

Cosmos-2415 received international designation 2005-034A and NORAD catalog number 28841. According to the NORAD data, Cosmos-2415 was deployed in an orbit with inclination of 64.8 degrees, orbital period of about 89 minutes, apogee of 307 km, and perigee of 207 km. The satellite was earlier identified as a Yantar-1KFT/Kometa (11F660) wide-area optical reconnaissance satellite.