Today's blackout in Moscow seems to have affected the areas in the Moscow and Kaluga regions that host a number of key command and control military installations - from the Main Command Center of the Strategic Forces in Vlasikha to the Main Control Center of the Space Forces in Krasnoznamensk and the control center of the space-based early-warning system in Kurilovo.

One would think that the military command centers would have autonomous power supply and multiple backups to protect them from power outages like this one. If you believe the president they do and their work was not affected. But the Chief of the General Staff tells a somewhat different story - the Main Command and Control Center of the General Staff was out of power for two minutes. It is not quite clear, though, if the discruption was connected to the blalckout - according to Baluyevsky it happened at 21:45-21:47 on Tuesday, May 24th, long before the outages began affecting the city around 11am next morning. Let's hope we'll have more details soon.

Update: The Chagino power station that caused the blackout started experiencing difficulties at about 21:10 on Tuesday, but the problems were limited to the southern regions of Moscow and probably did not affect the General Staff Command Center (I don't know the exact location of the center, but it's probably not in the affected regions - Maryino, Lyublino, Pechatniki or Tekstilshchiki; or is it?). In any event, it seems that at no point the Command Center was without power, although it may have had to switch to backup generators for a couple of minutes.