When Cosmos-2410 was launched in September 2004, its mission was described by the Space Forces as testing new technologies that would then be used in new generations of spacecraft. The spacecraft completed its mission and re-entered atmosphere on January 9th, 2005 in what seemed to be a regular flight. It appears, however, that something went wrong with the mission. First, as reported by Kommersant, the satellite was making some unusual maneveres halfway through the mission, which were attributed to problems experienced by the spacecraft. Then, the mission was cut short - 107 days instead of more usual 120 or more. The Space Forces did not admit any malfunction, referring instead to "operational necessity", which forces it to de-orbit the spacecraft. However, shortly before the re-entry the spacecraft shed two fragments (28501 and 28502 in the NORAD catalog) - it is unlikely that these were film capsules, since they usually do not get detected by NORAD. And now the Space Forces still coudn't find the spacecraft on the ground. So, probably it was a malfunction after all.