On November 2, 2004, the Russian armed forces performed two successful test launches of ballistic missiles – Topol (SS-25) ICBM and R-29R (SS-N-18) SLBM from a Project 667BDR (Delta III) submarine.

The R-29R missile was launched at 12:25 MSK (09:25 UTC) from a Project 667BDR (Delta III) submarine, deployed in Okhotsk Sea. During the launch the submarine was in submerged position. It was reported that the missile warheads successfully reached their targets at the Chizha test site at Kanin Peninsula. The submarine that performed the test launch – K-433 Sv. Georgiy Pobedonosets – is part of the 16th Squadron of strategic submarines of the Pacific Fleet.

The Topol (SS-25) missile was launched at 12:52 MSK (09:52 UTC) from a mobile launcher deployed at Plesetsk test site. The launch was conducted by a joint crew of the Strategic Rocket Forces and the Space Forces. The missile warhead successfully reached its target at the Kura test site at Kamchatka Peninsula. The Space Forces representative was quoted as saying that the test was part of a program to extend service life of the missile to 20 years. The Topol (SS-25) missiles were deployed in 1985-1992 and have been withdrawn from service since 2002.