On September 23, 2004 the Russian Navy performed a successful test of the “Bulava” sea-launched missile from the “Dmitry Donskoy” submarine of the Project 941 class deployed in White Sea. It was a “pop-up” test, which checked the mechanism that ejects a missile from a launch tube. The test did not seem to involve firing of a rocket motor. It was the second test of this type; the first one was performed on December 11, 2003.

“Bulava” is a solid-propellant missile being developed for strategic submarines of the Project 955 class. Two submarines of this class are currently under construction – “Yuri Dolgorukiy” and “Alexandr Nevskiy”. The “Dmitry Donskoy” submarine, which initially was equipped with a D-39 missile complex with R-39 missiles, was converted into a test bed for the “Bulava” missile during the overhaul that was completed in 2002.