On 29 September 2003, Ministry of Defense announced decommissioning of a regiment of Topol (SS-25) missiles. The regiment, which consists of nine missiles, was part of the division deployed at Nizhni Tagil. It was also announced that by the end of 2003 one more Topol (SS-25) regiment will be removed from service.

In a separate development, the Strategic Rocket Forces continued decommissioning of heavy R-36MUTTH (SS-18) missiles at the division based in Kartaly. By October 2003 the number of missiles taken out of service reached 28, which leaves only 18 R-36MUTTH missiles nominally deployed in Kartaly.

As a result of these developments, the number of missile complexes in the Strategic Rocket Forces decreased from 640 to 621 with more reductions to follow in the coming months. The currently deployed land-based missile complexes can carry up to 2423 nuclear warheads.