On August 19th, 2003 Russia successfully launched Cosmos-3M rocket with Cosmos-2400 and Cosmos-2401 spacecraft from the Plesetsk launch site. The satellites are most likely military communication satellites of the Strela-3 type, used by the military intelligence.

The launch was performed by the the Space Forces at 13:50 DMV (14:50 MDT, 10:50 UTC). According to the Main Space Command and Control Center of the Space Forces, the spacecraft successfully reached their orbits at 15:44 MDT. International designation and NORAD catalog number of Cosmos-2400 are 2003-037A and 27868 respectively, those of Cosmos-2401 are 2003-037B and 27869.

According to NORAD, the spacecraft are deployed on orbits with the following parameters: Cosmos-2400 - inclination 82.5 degrees, orbital period 115.7 minutes, apogee 1502 km, perigee 1459 km; Cosmos-2401 - inclination 82.5 degrees, orbital period 115.6 minutes, apogee 1501 km, perigee 1466 km.