On August 12th, 2003 Russia successfully launched Soyuz-U rocket with Cosmos-2399 spacecraft from the Baykonur launch site. Cosmos-2399 is an photoreconnaissance satellite of the Orlets-1 (also known as Don) type.

The launch was performed by the crews of Rosaviakosmos and the Space Forces from the launch pad No. 6 of Baykonur's launch complex No. 31 at 17:20 DMV (18:20 MDT, 14:20 UTC).

According to the Main Space Command and Control Center, the spacecraft successfully reached its orbit. Its international designation is 2003-035A, NORAD catalog number is 27856.

According to NORAD, inclination of the initial orbit of Cosmos-2399 is 64.95 degrees, orbital period is 89.35 minutes. Apogee of the orbit is 332 km, perigee - 181 km.