2022-10-26 Yars.pngOn 26 October 2022 Russia conducted an exercise of strategic forces that tested procedures of "a massive nuclear strike in response to a nuclear strike by an adversary." This is an annual exercise that is traditionally held in the fall. This time it included launches of a Yars missile from a mobile launcher in Plesetsk, a launch of a Sineva missile from the Tula submarine of the Project 667BDRM/Delta IV class, and launches of ALCMs conducted by two Tu-95MS bombers. (One of these bombers shown on the video, Vorkuta, is based in Engels.)

Previous exercise of this series was moved to February 2022 from the fall of 2021. Note that the February 2022 exercise also included launches of a range of non-strategic systems, such as Kinzhal, Kalibr, and Iskander.

Note that the ministry of defense stopped updating its YouTube channel in April 2022 and urged everyone to follow it on Telegram at t.me/mod_russia