On November 4, 2011 at 16:51:41 MSK (12:51:41 UTC) the Space Forces carried out a successful launch of a Proton-M launcher from the launch pad No. 24 of the launch complex No. 81 of the Baykonur space launch site. The launcher and a Briz-M boost stage delivered into orbit three Glonass-M navigation satellites. According to Novosti Kosmonavtiki, it is the first time a Briz-M booster was used in a Glonass launch. It also reported that the satellites, which received designations Cosmos-2475, Cosmos-2476, and Cosmos-2477, will be deployed in the first orbital plane of the Glonass constellation.

The satellites were registered in the NORAD catalog under the numbers 37867, 37868, and 37869 and received international designations 2011-064A, 2011-064B, and 2011-064C. According to the NORAD data, the satellites successfully reached the first orbital plane of the constellation.