Starting in September 2021, Russia has launched a series of small experimental satellites the purpose of which is not entirely clear. In previous posts they have been sometimes identified as EO MKA (probably зкспериментальный образец малого космического аппарата) and sometimes Razbeg. This post collects some information about the satellites (h/t BH), primarily to serve as a reference for corrections in previous posts. It will be updated as necessary.

The first in the series of EO MKA is believed to be Cosmos-2551, launched in September 2021. It was followed by Cosmos-2555 in April 2022, Cosmos-2560 in October 2022, and Cosmos-2568 in March 2023.

Two satellites launched more recently, Cosmos-2574 in December 2023 and Cosmos-2575 in February 2024, were identified as Razbeg/MKA-V satellites No. 1 and No. 2 respectively.

The satellites were launched by Soyuz-2.1v, with the exception of Cosmos-2555 and Cosmos-2560, which were launched by Angara 1.2.

The first three satellites, identified as EO MKA, Cosmos-2551, Cosmos-2555, and Cosmos-2560, did not perform any maneuvers and decayed a few weeks after launch. The fourth, Cosmos-2568, was dormant for about four months and then started performing maneuvers. The satellite is still in orbit.