20240209 Cosmos-2575.png On 9 February 2024, at 10:03:44 MSK (07:03:44 UTC) crews of the Air and Space Forces conducted a successful launch of a Souyz-2.1v launcher from the 43/4 launch pad of the Plesetsk test site.

The satellite delivered into orbit was designated Cosmos-2575. It received international designation 2024-026A and registered by NORAD as object 58929.

Cosmos-2575 was deployed on a circular orbit with altitude of about 330 km, which suggests that it is similar to the small imaging satellites of the EO MKA/Razbeg type. It is believed to be the second Razbeg/MKA-V satellite. Previous launch of a satellite of the MKA-class satellites took place in December 2023.

Cosmos-2575 was deployed in the same orbital plane as Cosmos-2574. The two satellites approached each other. One approach took place on 21 February 2024, another, with the separation distance of about 10 km, took place on 12 March 2024.