2022-04-20 Sarmat.pngAt 15:12 MSK (12:12 UTC) on 20 April 2022 Russia carried out the first flight test of the Sarmat ICBM. The missile was launched from a silo launcher at the Plesetsk test site. According to the ministry of defense the test was successful and all warheads reached their targets at the Kura test site. The ministry of defense also released a video of the launch.

The Sarmat program is seriously behind the schedule. Russia carried out three ejection tests of the missile in 2017-2018. At the time, it was expected that the missile will be deployed in 2021.

According to the plan announced in 2014, the Strategic Rocket Forces will receive seven regiments with 46 missiles. The missiles will be deployed in Uzhur, where the silo construction is already underway, and in Dombarovskiy.

It is possible that the test had been postponed several times. Russia issued NOTAM warnings indicative of a Sarmat test in September 2021 and in February 2022.