In May 2013 the Rocket Forces announced that the service is planning to conduct 16 missile launches in 2013 (up from 11, announced in December 2012). However, according to Sergey Karakayev's report to the president, only eight ICBM launches have been conducted so far.

As far as I can tell, seven of these eight launches are

There were also three Rockot launches in 2013 - on January 15, 2013, September 12, 2013, and November 22, 2013. Rockot is a space launcher version of the UR-100NUTTH/SS-19 missile, but since these are launched by the Air and Space Defense Forces, they do not count as ICBM launches. So, I'm not sure what is the eighth launch.

It is possible that Karakayev counts launches conducted during the 2013 academic year (presumably from 1 September 2012 to 1 September 2013). This has been done in the past. If this is the case, then the 19 October 2012 Topol launch and the 24 October 2012 new ICBM launch should be added to the list, but six launches conducted after 1 September 2013 should be excluded. Either way, I don't see how one gets eight launches in 2013. I'm probably missing something. UPDATE: In fact, the military academic year starts on December 1st, so the list above will not be affected at all.

UPDATE: The post was updated to include the Strela launch and to exclude the Rockot launches.

UPDATE: The eighth launch was that of a UR-100NUTTH missile from Baykonur around September 26, 2013.

UPDATE 12/17/2013: Karakayev further detailed the information about the eight launches - three were conducted "to develop new combat payloads", two - "to extend service life of missiles", and three as part of space launches. The three "development" launches are probably the June 6th and October 10th launches from Kapustin Yar and the suspected September launch of UR-100NUTTH from Baykonur. The two "life extension" launches were the R-36M2 and Topol launches on October 30th.