The Rocket Forces added a new battalion of three RS-24 Yars missiles to the missile division in Teykovo. Together with the first full RS-24 regiment that began combat duty in August 2011, this brings the total number of RS-24 missiles to 12 missiles. One more battalion is expected to be deployed in the remaining days of 2011, which means that by the end of the year Russia will have 15 operational RS-24 missiles.

According to the Rocket Forces, deployment of the second RS-24 regiment in Teykovo will be completed in 2012 (so, the number of RS-24 missiles there will reach 18). Also, the Rocket Forces will begin deployment of mobile RS-24 in Novosibirsk and silo-based RS-24 missiles in Kozelsk.

The information about new missile deployment in Kozelsk was first made public in August 2011 (the decision to keep the division was made much earlier, in 2008; an option of silo-based RS-24 was also mentioned at the time). Now it is confirmed that the Kozelsk division will have multiple-warhead RS-24.

In the same report, the Rocket Forces confirmed that deployment of single-warhead Topol-M missiles will be completed in 2012, after the sixth regiment in Tatishchevo is fully equipped. Four missiles will be added to the 52 silo-based Topol-Ms deployed there by the end of 2011 and four more - by the end of 2012. Deployment of road-mobile Topol-M missiles was discontinued in 2010.