The United States and Russia released September 2011 New START aggregate numbers in a somewhat unusual (and rather low-key) joint briefing. According to the briefing materials, in September 2011 Russia had 871 strategic launcher, 516 of which were operationally deployed. These launchers carried 1566 nuclear warheads. (The U.S. numbers are 1043/822 launchers and 1790 warheads.)

Comparison with the February 2011 numbers - 865/521 launchers and 1537 warheads - shows that while the number of deployed launchers is now smaller, the number of operationally deployed warheads increased - Russia added 29 operationally deployed warheads (and is now above the New START limit of 1550 such warheads). That's a fairly large increase, especially taking into account that some old missiles have been withdrawn from service. Deployment of a three RS-24 missiles in August 2011 would not fully account for the change. Unfortunately, it's quite difficult to reconstruct what happened without detailed data on deployed missiles.