Victor Esin, former chief of staff of the Strategic Rocket Forces, was quoted in Izvestia as saying that the contract for the new heavy MIRVed ballistic missile will go to the Makeyev Design Bureau. This is a somewhat surprising move - this design bureau traditionally built sea-launched missiles and the project itself was most heavily lobbied for by NPOmash. Apparently, one of the factors in the decision was the existing manufacturing base in Krasnoyarsk, which has been producing R-29RM Sineva missiles for Project 667BDRM submarines.

The news would explain why the former General Designer of the NPOmash, Gerbert Efremov, in his interview last month, talked about the project as if his company may not receive it. It apparently didn't.

The new missile is supposed to be ready for deployment in 2018, but this is most likely unrealistic - a new missile is a new missile, even though adapting an SLBM line for land-based silos is arguably less difficult than building a se-launched missile anew.

The choice of Makeyev Design Bureau might also suggest that the new missile will not carry the "hypersonic maneuverable warhead" that was in the news a few years ago.

UPDATE: Apparently, NPOmash will take part in the project as well.