At 07:57:43 MSK (03:57:43 UTC) on July 21, 2009 the Space Forces performed a successful launch of a Kosmos-3M launcher from the launch pad No. 1 of the launch complex No. 132 of the Plesetsk launch site. Two satellites delivered to orbits are the Cosmos-2454 Parus navigation satellite and the Sterkh satellite of the COSPAS-SARSAT system.

Cosmos-2454 is most likely the object that received international designation 2009-039A and NORAD catalog number 35635. According to NORAD data, it was deployed in a near circular orbit with altitude of about 940 km, inclination of 82.96 degrees, and orbital period of about 104 minutes. This orbit is typical for satellites of the Parus navigation system.

Previous Parus launch, of Cosmos-2429 satellite, took place in September 2007. The current launch was originally scheduled for 2008, but then moved to July 2009.