At 03:59 MSK on June 27, 2008 (23:59 June 26, 2008 UTC) the Space Forces carried out a launch of a Proton-K launcher (with DM-3 booster stage) from the Baykonur site (launch pad No. 24 of the launch complex No. 81). The Space Forces reported that the satellite delivered into orbit will work as part of the early-warning system.

The satellite will most likely be named Cosmos-2440. It received NORAD number 33108 and international designation 2008-033A. According to NORAD orbital data, the satellite was deployed on a nearly geosyncronous orbit at about 90E and is drifting eastward with a speed of about 1.5 degree/day.

Cosmos-2440 is a satellite of the 71Kh6 type, which work as part of the US-KMO system. It is likely that it will be stabilized in the 80E point at first - US-KMO satellites are normally deployed in that station before moving to their permanent positions.

It is not clear yet if Cosmos-2440 will replace the only currently operational US-KMO satellite, Cosmos-2379, which has been working since 2001 and is close to the end of life span demonstrated by spacecraft of its class. In August-September 2007 Cosmos-2379 was moved from the 24W position that it occupied for most of its operational life to its current position at 12E. It is possible that the transfer was made in anticipation of the upcoming launch of Cosmos-2440. The launch was probably scheduled for the second half of 2006 or for 2007, but was postponed when the Proton-K launcher was given to a civilian program.

[UPDATE 07/11/08: Cosmos-2440/31108 was stabilized at about 80E on July 11, 2008.]