20240412 Topol-ME launch.pngOn 12 April 2024 at about 16:00 UTC the Strategic Rocket Forces conducted a successful launch of "an intercontinental ballistic missile from a road-mobile launcher." According to the official statement (safe link on Telegram, video of the launch), the launch was "part of the state tests of advanced missile systems" and it was also used "to confirm the stability of the currently deployed missile systems." The test is reported to be fully successful.

The missile is believed to be a modified Topol-M ICBM, sometimes referred to as Topol-ME, used to test re-entry vehicles of intercontinental ballistic missiles. This appears to be the second test of the missile, following the first one in April 2023.

20240412 Topol-ME trajectory.pngThe missile reached an apogee of about 1000 km and was seen from many places in the Middle East.