On 11 April 2023 the Strategic Rocket Forces conducted a successful launch of "an intercontinental ballistic missile from a road-mobile launcher." According to the official statement, the "training warhead of the missile" reached its designated target at the Sary-Shagan test site in Kazakhstan.

The missile is believed to be a modified Topol-M/Yars ICBM, sometime referred to as Topol-ME/Yars-E, which will be used to test re-entry vehicles of intercontinental ballistic missiles. This appears to be the first test of the missile. Until 2019, Russia used a Topol-E missile for these purposed. The last Topol-E test was conducted in November 2019. According to announcement made in December 2022, the Strategic Rocket Forces are planning to conduct several tests from Kapustin Yar in 2023.