By some indications, Russia conducted a flight test of a Sirena-M command missile in early June 2022. The missile was launched from the Plesetsk test site to the Kura site in Kamchatka. The NOTAM notice closed the corresponding areas during the period from 6 June to 9 June 2022. According to a colleague who follows NOTAMs and other test indicators, the United States did not (visibly) deploy the CobraBall reconnaissance aircraft as it is normally the case during the tests. It does, however, appear that the test did take place.

Sirena-M appears to be a modified Yars ICBM that will be deployed as a new command missile of the nuclear communication and command system. It will replace the Topol-based missiles of the 15P175 Sirena system that are currently deployed at Yur'ya (76th missile regiment of the 4th missile division, 59.21946, 49.4256). The system is expected to begin operations by 2025.

The first test of the Sirena-M missile appears to have taken place in June 2021.