Deployment of new early-warning radars of the Voronezh-M and Voronezh-DM type is by all indication a successful project - the new radars are seemingly inexpensive and quick to built. So, it is not a surprise that the program is getting more money and more orders - earlier this month Spetsstroy announced that it will build another radar, in Zeya, Amur oblast.

Judging by the photo used by Spetsstroy to illustrate the news, the radar in Zeya will be of the Voronezh-M type. However, we'll have to see for the signs of construction to be certain.

UPDATE 9/23/2015: Indeed, it is not a Voronezh radar. The radar in Zeya will be an over-the-horizon radar, probably similar to the Kontainer one deployed in Mordovia. See these two reports (thanks to Alexander Stukalin for fining these).