After the first of the two successful Bulava launches conducted this year on September 10, 2014 the Russian Navy said that two more launches were planned in 2014. One of these took place on October 29, 2014. Another was expected (with some uncertainty) in November. However, today a source in the defense industry told Interfax that there will be no more launches in 2014. The next launch is now expected in the fall of 2015 from the Alexander Nevskiy submarine. It is possible that by that time the submarine will arrive at its base in Kamchatka, so the missile will be launched from the Sea of Okhotsk. Vladimir Monomakh is also expected to arrive to the Pacific Fleet and launch its missile from there.

UPDATE 11/11/2014: Not so fast - another anonymous source, this time from the General Staff, is quoted as saying that the launch from Alexander Nevskiy will take place in November, most likely after November 20th. I added a question mark to the title of the post.