On November 28, 2014 the K-550 Alexander Nevskiy submarine of the Project 955 Borey class conducted a successful launch of a Bulava SLBM. The missile was launched from a submerged submarine deployed in the Barents Sea. The warheads were reported to have successfully reached their targets at the Kura test site in Kamchatka.

It's the second Bulava launch attempt for Alexander Nevskiy. In the first one, on September 6, 2013, the missile failed on the second minute of the flight. Since that failure, Bulava was successfully launched twice - from Vladimir Monomakh on September 10, 2014 and from Yuri Dolgorukiy on October 29, 2014. This launch appears to be the last one planned in 2014 - the launches are expected to resume in the fall of 2015.