The Strategic Rocket Forces and Kosmotras company performed a successful launch of a Dnepr space launcher - a modified R-36MUTTH (SS-18, RS-20B) ICBM from the Yasnyy/Dombarovsky launch site. The launch took place at 18:39:13 MSK (14:39:13 UTC) on August 22, 2013. The rocket delivered a KOMPSAT-5 satellite (designed and built by Korea Aerospace Research Institute) to a low Earth circular orbit with altitude of about 550 km.

According to a representative of the Rocket Forces the missile that was used in the launch was produced in 1984 and was deployed with the missile division in Dombarovsky.

Previous Dnepr launch, also from Yasnyy/Dombarovsky, took place in August 2011. In December 2013 the Rocket Forces announced the plan to conduct five launches of ICBMs as space launchers in 2013. This number was later revised to eight. In June 2013 the Space Forces performed one Strela (SS-19, UR-100NUTTH) launch. At least one more Dnepr launch (from Yasnyy) and one Strela launch are planned in 2013.