At 09:49 MSK on March 30, 2012 (05:49 UTC) the Space Forces conducted a launch of a Proton-K launcher (with DM-2 booster stage) from the Baykonur site (launch pad No. 24 of the launch complex No. 81).

The satellite, designated Cosmos-2479, received NORAD number 38101 and international designation 2012-012A. According to NORAD orbital data, the satellite was deployed on a nearly geosyncronous orbit at about 90E and is drifting eastward. Cosmos-2479 is a spacecraft of the 71Kh6 type - these satellites are stabilized at the point of 80E before they are moved to their permanent positions.

It was the last launch of the Proton-K launcher and the last early-warning satellite of the 71Kh6 type (in 2009 the Ministry of Defense had two satellites left - an HEO satellite was launched in September 2010). 71Kh6 satellites work as part of the US-KMO system that provides "look-down" coverage of potential missile launch areas.

Cosmos-2479 will be the only GEO early-warning satellite - its predecessor, Cosmos-2440, launched in June 2008, stopped working around February 2010.

UPDATE 04/02/12: The correct type of the satellite - 71Kh6 of the US-KMO system - was added.

UPDATE 04/012/12: As expected, the satellite has been positioned at the point 80E.