The U.S. State Department released aggregate New START data, which reflect the status of strategic forces on February 5, 2011. According to the release, Russia has 521 operationally deployed strategic launcher and 1537 operationally deployed warheads. The total number of launchers, deployed and non-deployed, is 865. The U.S. numbers are 882, 1800, and 1124 respectively.

As we can see, Russia is already below the limit as far as operationally deployed systems are concerned. It would have to eliminate some of its non-deployed launchers, however, to get under the treaty limit of 800. The United States has a bit more work to do.

It is very disappointing that we don't see more detailed numbers, but that's what's in the treaty. U.S. officials assured us that they are working on releasing the detailed U.S. data exchange document. That would be very good, although we can predict that Russia will not follow suit. So, we'll have to do with what we have. I'll try to see what kind of useful information can be extracted from these three numbers that we know now.