In his address to the Conference on Disarmament, Sergei Lavrov, Russian Foreign Minister, stated again that further negotiations on nuclear disarmament should take into account a range of issues - weapons in space, strategic conventionally-armed weapons, plans to deploy "unilateral global missile defense." He also mentioned nuclear arsenals of other states as well as imbalances in conventional forces.

None of these conditions was particularly new, but the language on tactical nuclear weapons was (emphasis added):

The first step in solving this problem should be withdrawal of tactical nuclear weapons to the territory of a state that owns it and liquidation of all the infrastructure that allows deployment of these weapons abroad.

The withdrawal condition is not new, of course, but if I remember correctly, the infrastructure has never been mentioned that explicitly before. This was probably a reaction to the idea that has been suggested as one possible solution of the problem of nuclear weapons in Europe - that the United States could take them out, but preserve the option of brining them back on a short notice.

This clarification will certainly make the talks about tactical weapons a bit more difficult. However, there is a silver lining to this apparent hardening of Russia's position - if the United States and Russia will get serious about consolidating all their tactical weapons in a limited number of storage facilities on their national territories (as I think they should), then Russia's condition opens the door to a discussion of eliminating the infrastructure that would allow re-deployment of those weapons (say, in Kaliningrad, Olenegorsk,* or wherever they might be). Presumably, Russia would want to verify that the nuclear weapons infrastructure in, say, Germany or Turkey is eliminated. That is well, but it should be asked to open its own forward deployed bases for inspections as well.

(* Edited to add a second region to make it clear that this doesn't imply that Kaliningrad should be treated differently from the rest of Russia's territory.)