Russia conducted another test launch of the Bulava missile from the Dmitry Donskoy submarine early morning on December 9, 2009. The is no official information about the launch (or even a confirmation of the fact that it took place), but the word is that this time it was the third stage that malfunctioned.

The launch apparently created quite a stir in Norway, where people were able to see some spectacular views of the event. There is a video as well.

It was the twelfth test launch of the missile and third failure in a row. Previous test took place on July 15th, 2009. In the beginning of November Dmitry Donskoy went to sea with a missile on board, but the test was apparently cancelled at the last minute.

Ironically, Sevmash confirmed today that it will start construction of a fourth submarine of the Project 955 class on December 22, 2009, as it was reported earlier.

UPDATE 12/10/09: Jonathan McDowell comments on the spiral.