On September 25, 2008 the Space Forces conducted a successful launch of a Proton-M launcher (with DM upper stage), which delivered into orbit three Glonass-M satellites. The launch took place at 12:49:37 MSK (08:49:37 UTC) from the the launch complex No. 81 of the Baykonur launch site.

The satellites were designated Cosmos-2442 (Glonass number 724, plane 3, slot 18, NORAD number 33378, international designation 2008-046A), Cosmos-2443 (725, 3/21, 33379, 2008-046B), and Cosmos-2444 (726, 3/22, 33380, 2008-046C).

Updated table of Glonass constellation status is at the Glonass page.

UPDATE 10/25/08: Satellite designations have been corrected (Cosmos-2443 is 33379, Cosmos-2444 is 33380).