On December 25, 2007 the Strategic Rocket Forces (with the Space Forces) performed a successful test launch of the RS-24 intercontinental ballistic missile. The launch was performed at 16:10 MSK (13:10 UTC) from a mobile launcher deployed at the Plesetsk launch site. All missile warheads were reported to have reached their targets at the Kura test site on Kamchatka (reportedly at 16:34 MSK).

The RS-24 missile, also known as "Yars", is a MIRVed version of the Topol-M/SS-27 intercontinental ballistic missile. The first test launch of RS-24 took place on May 29, 2007. According to Nikolay Solovtsov, commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces, it will take about five more flight tests before the RS-24 missile can be deployed. Solovtsov expects that this process will take about three years.

The flight tests appear to involve three warheads. The final number of warheads is not yet clear, though -- the missile may be able to carry as many as seven warheads. The START Treaty prohibits MIRVing Topol-M missiles, but appears to allow listing it as a missile of new type. The RS-24 missile was expected to be listed in the July 2007 START MOU, but it was not mentioned there.