A few recent developments and disclosures require an update of the information on the number of operational systems and their status.

First, the Rocket Forces received the first three mobile Topol-M (SS-27) missiles, which were deployed in Teykovo. The 2006 plans also called for deployment of three new silo-based Topol-M missiles, but this part of the plan has not materialized. The missiles, however, are on their way and it is likely that they will be deployed in Tatishchevo in the early 2007. Until this happens, the Rocket Forces will have the total of 45 Topol-M missiles – 42 silo-based and three road-mobile. The Rocket Forces continued decommissioning older Topol (SS-25) missiles. At the end of the year, there were 252 missiles of this type in the operational force.

Then, I have to correct my error in the number of Tu-160 strategic bombers. There are 15 aircraft of this type in the 37th Army. The bomber that joined the division in Engels in July 2006 after modernization, apparently was one of the test bombers in Zhukovsky and not part of the operational force, as I wrongly assumed.

As a result of these changes and corrections, I estimate that the Russian strategic forces include 762 strategic launchers that can carry up to 3373 nuclear warheads.

Among other changes are the apparent end of life of the Cosmos-2388 early-warning satellite and the addition of a new radar in Lekhtusi to the early-warning radar network. In addition to that, it turned out that the Moscow missile defense system, A-135, now includes only short-range interceptors of the 53T6 type. Long-range 51T6 interceptors have been withdrawn from service.