Thanks to our readers, we now have some good photos of the Voronezh-DM radar. As far as I can tell from these photos, the size of the antenna is about 10x30 meters. The radar seems to be designed to work in meter bandwidth.

Voronezh-DM radar

In addition to the photos, we have some information about the power consumed by the radar - the Kommersant daily reported that Voronezh-DM needs only 0.7 MWt of power for its operations, while Dnepr and Daryal consume 2 MWt and 50 MWt respectively. It is difficult to make estimates without knowing emitted power, but it seems likely that the potential of the new radar is about 40 times smaller than that of Daryal.

The photos seems to indicate that it would be relatively easy to increase the size of Voronezh-DM's antenna to 30x30 m, which would help bring the radar into the early-warning league.

And, the last but not the least, the Space Forces are not going to stop at building just one radar - the next one will be deployed near Armavir.