Speaking at a press-conference, Lt.-Gen. Igor Khvorov, the commander of the Long-range Aviation, detailed strategic bomber acquisition plans.

Two Tu-160 bombers that were expected to enter active service in 2005 will be delivered in the first quarter of 2006. According to Khvorov, one new Tu-160 (presumably configured to carry nuclear ALCMs) will enter service "in the beginning of the year". The second Tu-160 is an old aircraft converted to carry high-precision conventional weapons. This bomber is expected to enter service in the end of February of 2006.

Khvorov also mentioned the Tu-160 aircraft that was included into the 2006 acquisition plan. That bomber will be delivered in the end of 2006, bringing the number of Tu-160 in the Russian strategic forces to 16. Unless its delivery is moved to 2007, that is.