20230614 Razvyazka.pngIn 2023, the Air and Space Forces began operations of a new space surveillance radar. On 14 June 2023 the radar was demonstrated to the minister of defense.

The radar, known as Razvyazka, is located near Chekhov, at the site formerly occupied by the Dunay-3U radar (receiver is at 55.2312, 37.2984, transmitter is at 55.2058, 37.29604. Construction of the new radar began around 2014 and by 2016 the activity at the site was visible.

It appears that one of the radar's missions is the support of the Nudol anti-satellite program. At the same time, tests of that program, including the one with a satellite intercept, began before 2023.

Here is Google Earth kmz file that shows the Razvyazka radar. Note that the size of the fan and the range are notional.