2022-11-18 Avangard.pngThe ministry of defense reported that the deployment of the Avangard system continues at Dombarovskiy/Yasnyy. A video released by TASS shows emplacement of the UR-100NUTTH launcher into one of the silos. Two missiles are likely to begin combat duty by the end of 2022, bringing the total number of deployed Avangards to eight.

This is said to be the first deployment with the 368th missile regiment of the 13th missile division in Dombarovskiy/Yasnyy. The deployment of Avangard began in 2019. The first regiment that received the system was the 621st regiment of the 13th division. The current plan is to deploy 12 systems of this type.

Here are the silos where Avangard is deployed:

621st regiment:

51.0698 59.4840

51.1533 59.5247

51.1925 59.6353

51.1510 59.5973

51.1025 59.5773

51.1151 59.6351

368th regiment:

51.15493 59.74850

51.20700 59.85001

51.16841 59.96762

51.09735 60.08744

51.09348 59.84459

51.03678 59.95899

Note that while the 621st regiment is a ten-missile regiment, three of its silos have been used for tests and Dnepr launches. One more appears to be unused. The 368th regiment includes six silos.