The U.S. State Department released aggregate New START numbers from the 1 March 2020 data exchange. Russia declared 1326 deployed warheads, 485 deployed launchers, and 754 total launchers. In September 2019 the numbers were 1426, 513, and 757 respectively.

The drop in the number of deployed warheads is quite notable (although not unprecedented), but all it would take is standing down one R-36M2 regiment. Given the change in the number of deployed launcher, it appears that quite a few Topol ICBMs have been withdrawn from service as well.

The U.S. numbers in March 2020 were 1373 warheads, 655 deployed and 800 total launchers (1376, 668, and 800 in September 2019).

Speaking of New START, a few days earlier Russia and the United States agreed to postpone their inspections and the BCC session because of the COVID-19 crisis. They did manage to conduct 2 inspections each since February 5, 2020 (out of the annual quota of 18).