In his recent interview, Anatoly Nestechuk, chief of staff of the 15th army of the Air and Space Forces provided some information about the early-warning radars construction plans. According to Nestechuk, three radars are expected to begin operations in the next five years - Vorkuta in 2021, Olenegorsk in 2022, and the one in Sevastopol - in 2024. The radar construction picture seems a bit more complex, though.

There are, in fact, two radars under construction in Vorkuta, located next to each other - Voronezh-VP (77Ya6VP) and Voronezh-SM (77Ya6SM). Voronezh-VP appears to be closer to completion, so, it's probably that one that will become operational in 2021. Voronezh-SM is an L-band radar with the working frequency of 1.2-1.4 GHz (25-21.4 cm). It appears to be the first radar of this type constructed by Russia.

The other Voronezh-SM radar will probably be deployed near Lekhtusi - in a place called Ragozinka-2. There are no signs of construction there yet, but the site will be eventually located about 10 km east from Lekhtusi, somewhere around here. Since the radar in Lekhtusi is Voronezh-M, which seems to be an earlier version of Voronezh-VP, there might be a certain advantage of having -M and -SM radars working together. It would be interesting to see if -SM radars will start appearing next to other Voronezh-M and Voronezh-VP. Note, however, that Nestechuk said nothing about Ragozinka.

Olenegorsk_radar.png The new construction in Olenegorsk is quite interesting. For one, the new radar is located at some distance from the old Dnepr/Daugava site - about 17 km to the east. The construction is more advanced than is shown on Google and it appears that the new radar might be somewhat different from its regular Voronezh-VP counterparts. Or maybe it won't - we will see.

Finally, there are no signs of construction in Sevastopol. One report mentioned that the new radar will be Voronezh-SM. It is likely to be placed at the old Dnepr site.

The Google Earth kmz file that shows radar fans as of 2018 is still good.