YeniseyskRadar.png In December 2017 the Air and Space Forces started combat operations at three early-warning radars - in Barnaul, Yeniseysk (on the photo), and Orsk.

The radars in Barnaul and Yeniseysk are Voronezh-DM, the Orsk one is Voronezh-M. Construction of the radars started in 2013-2014 - Barnaul, Yeniseysk, and Orsk. The radars started initial operations in December 2016, allowing the defense minister to announce that all gaps in the early-warning coverage have been closed.

It's possible that this maybe the location of the new radar that is built to replace/augment Olenegorsk:

But it's too early to tell and some details don't quite add up - in a recent interview commander of the Space Forces said that the radar is being built "at a mountain with the height of 400 m." Google Earth doesn't show any mountains at this location.

This is the Google Earth file with radar coordinates and their fans. Russian early warning radars Jan 2018.kmz