Pu at SRS.png UNIDIR is looking for a researcher to work on the project "New Approaches to Transparency and Verification in Nuclear Security and Disarmament" that is funded by a joint two-year grant from the MacArthur Foundation and the Carnegie Corporation of New York. In this project, UNIDIR will explore new tools and approaches that can provide transparency and accountability in nuclear disarmament and nuclear security with a focus on fissile materials in the military domain, including materials still in nuclear weapons and their components. The primary goal of the project is to develop tools that would use recent advances in verification technologies to achieve transparency without intrusiveness in dealing with materials that are sensitive in nature.

The work on the project will involve an analysis of the existing nuclear security arrangements applied to civilian and military fissile materials, safeguards and material accounting practices, technical and political aspects of nuclear disarmament and elimination of excess military materials. To get a sense of the kind of research the project will involve, please check UNIDIR project on the FMCT or my article on Plutonium Management and Disposition Agreement in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

This position is open to postdocs as well as faculty and researchers on sabbatical (and other qualified candidates). Advanced PhD students are encouraged to apply as well. A degree in physics or other relevant technical discipline would be a strong advantage, but is not a formal requirement. However, strong knowledge of technical aspects of nuclear weapons, nuclear security, safeguards, and fissile materials production and handling is required. A record of published peer-reviewed research in these fields is essential.

The job announcement says that the term of the appointment is "at least nine months," which is correct, but there is a strong possibility of an extension. The term will start as soon as practically possible, ideally in the fall of 2017. The position will require physical presence in Geneva.

The formal announcement is on Inspira, the UN recruiting web site. If you are interested, you should apply there. UNIDIR will start considering applications on October 6, 2017, but the offer will be open until a suitable candidate is found. Feel free to write to me if you have any questions: Pavel Podvig at pavel.podvig@un.org

Photo: Plutonium stored in containers at the Savannah River Site. Source