The commander of the Strategic Rocket Forces, Sergey Karakayev, told journalists that in 2016 his service received everything necessary for deployment of 23 RS-24 Yars missiles, both silo-based and road-mobile. The missiles were deployed with five regiments: road-mobile in Yoshkar-Ola, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, and Nizhniy Tagil divisions; silo-based - in Kozelsk.

One regiment in Kozelsk already had ten missiles at the end of 2015, so the silo-based regiment that received missiles in 2016 was the second one that is converted to Yars.

Kozelsk2016.png Yandex has an image of the construction at some of the silos of the 74th missile regiment (only three silos are within the image, though - 53.884405, 35.726630, 53.826322, 35.700417, 53.776191, 35.694036). I am not sure if that's the first or the second Yars regiment there. Probably the second. Back in the early 2016, Spetstroy reported that it converting ten additional silos in Kozelsk, two of which were expected to be ready by the end of the year. So, most likely there were two missiles that were deployed in silos in 2016.

This leaves 21 road-mobile missiles that went to four regiments in Yoshkar-Ola, Irkutsk, Novosibirsk, and Nizhniy Tagil.

Back in December 2015, I estimated that there were 21 Yars missiles in Novosibirsk. If that estimate is correct, then it is reasonable to assume that the Novosibirsk division received 6 new missiles in 2016, bringing the total to 27 in its three regiments that are still active.

Nizhniy Tagil also has three active regiments. I estimated that they had 24 missiles in December 2015, so it may have receive 3 new missiles this year and the total is now 27.

This leaves 12 missiles to be divided between Irkutsk and Yoshkar-Ola. Irkutsk division has three active regiments and there is some activity there. It was reported that in 2016 one of the regiments received Yars missiles for "test combat service" ("опытное боевое дежурство"). This means that it may have received only three new Yars missiles, but it could be six as well.

As for Yoshkar-Ola, a video released by Zvezda TV suggests that the missiles went to the 779 regiment (Yubileinyy, 56.582595, 48.155083). It is entirely possible that it now has one complete regiment of nine missiles (if there are three in Irkutsk). Or it may have an incomplete regiment with six missiles.

With 23 new missile deployed in 2016, the total number of RS-24 Yars ICBMs is now 96. Of these, 84 are road-mobile and 12 are silo-based.