One of the Russian newspapers, MK, quotes its unnamed sources as saying that Russia conducted a flight test of a "hypersonic warhead" earlier this week (apparently on April 19). The missile carrying the warhead was launched from the Dombarovsky site. The test is said to be successful.

If the reports are correct, this is probably the test of the Project 4202 vehicle that was expected to take place in 2016-2017. It would be interesting to see if there will be an official announcement of the test or if further confirmation from industry sources.

UPDATE: Now mainstream media (Interfax) confirm the story and say that the test took place on Tuesday, April 19. As expected, the UR-100NUTTH/RS-18/SS-19 missile was used to carry the vehicle.

UPDATE: This announcement, which closed the road between Yasnyy and Akzharskoye at the time of the test, suggests that the silo that is used for Project 4202 launches is located to the west of Yasnny, not to the east, as was suggested in the Jane's article. There are several silos there, but the one at 51°03'42.0"N 59°36'30.0"E seems a good candidate (see photo of the construction there I posted earlier).