In 2015 the Strategic Rocket Forces conducted eight launches of ICBMs. In his interview to the press on the Rocket Forces anniversary, the commander of the service, Sergey Karakaev, said that one launch was part of a strategic exercise [Topol from Plesetsk on 30 October 2015], two missiles were launched to test new payloads [these are Topol launches from Kapustin Yar in August 2015 and November 2015], three were new missile development launches [Project 4202 test in February 2015, RS-26 launch in March 2015, and the silo-based RS-24 Yars test in October 2015], and one space launch [Dnepr in March 2015]. This is the total of seven, but there was one more launch after the interview - Topol from Kapustin Yar on 24 December 2015 - so the final total is eight.

It is worth keeping in mind that the plan for 2015 was 14 launches. Nine were supposed to be "experimental and development" - there are five or six in this category. One "serial production" is either the silo RS-24 launch (which might be the sixths "development") or the Topol launch in October. Four "space launches and life extension" became just one Dnepr. Whatever the breakdown by categories, the planned number has not been reached. This is nothing new - there were only 10 launches of the planned 16 in 2014 ( has a nice chart that compares plans and actual launches since 2008).

In 2016, the Rocket Forces plan to conduct 16 ICBM launches. According to Karakayev's interview, two of them will be life extension launches and 14 - development.